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Never forget a price again! Never forget your opinion of a product again! Scan barcodes, give your input and have it saved in the cloud!
Simple and easy!


Are you in a store?
- Easily scan barcodes and enter prices you want to remember later. Also, those prices you enter get automatically shared for other users!

On your house?
- Millions of grocery products, thousands of brands, names and flavors. It's super hard to remember your opinion/taste of a particular product. Now is easy! You only need to scan barcodes and give your review!

Wants no surprises in your grocery bill while shopping?
- Scan barcodes and add it to your virtual cart, enter the price and the quantity you are buying to see grocery bill total summing up.
- After shopping, all those individual prices get automatically shared for other users!

Use this app on any product, from Orange Juice to Painkillers... Name it, Price it, Review it!
The product only need to have a valid GTIN barcode, and you are good to go.

As more people use this App, more products/prices/reviews are discovered and revealed in your area and around the world.

☑ SCAN BARCODES: Supported types: GTIN-8, GTIN-12 (UPC), GTIN-13 (EAN) and GTIN-14 (ITF-14).
☑ NAME & BRAND: Add name/brand to products helping ourr database to grow.
☑ PRICE: Freely add individual prices to any product at any physical store.
☑ REVIEW: Review and rate products.
☑ VIRTUAL SHOPPING CART: After scan, press "add to cart" and inform the quantity and the unit price you are buying. The app will automatically sum up your grocery bill. When you finished, save the virtual cart and each individual product price will be shared in the community.
☑ STORE: Quickly add the stores you shop weekly, so you can enter prices
☑ KEEP IT SAFE: Login with your Microsoft Account to associate all your data with it. If you lose a device, you still get your data back through your Microsoft Account.
☑ INTERNET INDEPENDENT: If the app see you are in a store without internet / wifi, it will cache your data; and as soon as you are online again your data will be automatically uploaded.
☑ GENERAL FILTERS: Use filters to see only prices in specific currency, or within a certain distance. See reviews only in your language.
☑ AUTOMATIC SELECTION: Stores are automatically selected if you are inside an registered store. Currency is automatically selected depending on your country. Language is automatically selected depending on your phone culture selection.

------Coming soon------
■ USER SCREEN: Products you edited, Prices added, Reviews added, Carts
■ SHOPPING LISTS: Shared among users (you, and your wife with same shared list).
■ SEACH: Search by product name and brand.

------Coming later------
□ 100 LAST: The last 100 products you scanned.
□ TAX: Manually add tax to your products.
□ CARTS STATISTICS: Check your previous carts and get some statistics: which products you buy most, which products you usually overpay, where you shop most, your average bill, etc.
□ GAMIFICATION: Are you the Price Taker of your Neighborhood?
□ ONLINE STORE PRICES: Prices from Walmart, Amazon, Carrefour and more.
□ Much more.

⊗ For this initial beta phase, we only accept products with Barcodes.
⊗ Your camera should have auto-focus (Nokia 530 doesn't have). Without auto-focus is hard to get the barcode.

------Natural question------
"Yet another ShopSavvy, RedLaser, Smoopa... etc?"
While such applications greatly work on North America, it is not true for some developing countries and others European markets.
Online stores like Walmart, offers ways to smartphone applications (and backends services) query product-prices (via REST API) and even some brick-mortar stores have online-inventory so smartphones backend servers can crawl it (REST API or HTTP Crawlers) and build a list of prices.
In the other hand, countries with no such online capabilities, has a lot of people still relying in pen and paper, and each one has their individual results of prices and reviews.
That is just one of the motivators of this app.

------License Agreement------
By downloading this application you agree to the eProducts Terms of Use and Privacy Policy located at
By clicking INSTALL, you consent to the installation of the eProducts Application and any updates or upgrades.

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